Thursday, 8 November 2012

30-min CLUB MIX - 2 by Iconic (Electro House Mix)

30-min CLUB MIX - 2 by Iconic (Electro House Mix)

Hey guys!

Taking another stab at a club mix!  I'll be releasing one of these every week from now on!
As always, 30 min of awesome raving / raging / craving music goodness!

-Logan, Iconic

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Deejay Dang - Azteca (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Deejay Dang - Azteca (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Hey guys!

This one comes from  local here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!  All I can really tell you is, holy CRAP!

I really wish Eric Dang would have sent me this sooner.  Why?  Because this song is just so unbelievable it will have you thirsty for another shot right in the face!

This is some dark, deep, and awesome emotional hitting trance.  If you wanna play with a girls emotions, play this track to her.

I would strongly recommend hitting this up!  Please if you like it, go to his soundcloud and tell him he did an awesome job!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Word Of Advice!

Hey guys and girls!

This blog is mainly just my thoughts on songs I like to play live at my gigs, but today something has came-up that I MUST share with you.

Everyone knows that the music industry is very cut-throat, meaning that you have to FIGHT your way through the battlefield in order to get what you the nicest way possible.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because you the DJ/Producer/Promoter/Club Owner/ etc are not going anywhere unless you make friends.  The moment you start complaining that you got screwed over, that someone lied to you, or that the other DJ's/producers/etc are shit  is the moment that you start going downhill.  You will suffer without making friends in this industry.  Even if you know that these people do indeed "suck" that gives you no right to say that they do.  Holding a grudge against a certain group, artist, or promoter will only suck the life out of you and keep you from achieving your goal.

YOU HAVE TO MAKE FRIENDS.  I'm telling you this from experience!!!!!!  You have to meet and greet everyone with respect, even the ones that you dislike, or the ones that have lied and cheated to you.  You have to be nice, you have to be humble, but you also have to stand your ground.

Every time you open your mouth you are selling yourself.

So let me ask you, what are you selling?  Respect or disrespect?

If you want to succeed in this industry then please for your own dignity and proper conscious treat everyone nicely and be humble and keep the complaining to yourself.

I was told that the people that have succeeded the most networked the most.  So network in a friendly manner.  And complain only about yourself, for you are the creator of your own world, not anyone else.

/end rant.

Monday, 3 September 2012

][conic - Disappear (Original Mix)


So if you are reading this blog chances are you are a friend of mine and have heard this, but I'm posting this in the odd chance that you are a stranger!

This is my first track that I have released onto Beatport through Dream Crusher Media.  All I can say is it took me a little more then a year to get a track finally signed.  Persistence does pay off!  Work your ass off at doing what you love and you will reap the rewards!  Also helps to write down your goals every single day, it keeps you focused on achieving what you want out of life!

I hope you guys enjoy my track!

Oh and P.S. It was charted on Top Ten Must Hear Electro House Tracks - Week 35 and Summer Secret Weapons: Electro! :P